멋쟁이 아가씨 She's So Cool


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08 The Face 02:53
10 Happiness 03:41
11 Tell Me 02:43
12 Hope 02:51


'The long-awaited reissue of the only album by Mujigae Quintet
– the enduring mystery of Korean band music!'

‘Mujigae Quintet (Rainbow Quintet)’ was a project band formed by composer Lee Kyung-seok while he worked as an arranger at Four Seasons Production(not to confuse with Frankie Valli’s). The album starts off with the funky hard-rock number ‘She’s So Cool’, featuring the soulful vocals of Jang Sung-hwan, who would later become a member of ‘Sarang-eu-Saem (Wellspring of Love)’. It is packed with other well-crafted tunes in the folk rock style, like ‘As Autumn Ends’ and ‘Love in the Rain’. Lee Kyung-seok who was both a classically-trained musician and member of a rock band, was encouraged by the producer at his production company, Eom Jin (who also produced <Lee Pan Geun & Korea Jazz Quintet ‘78>), to begin work on a record by drawing on his musical ideas and network of musicians. The result was a debut album that was unheard of – in that it featured a project group – in gayo history, which deftly brought together heavy rock n’ roll, folk, Latin pop, and gayo melodies. At the same time, Mujigae Quintet were given the opportunity to participate in the recordings of other Four Seasons Production artists, such as singer Yoon Hang-gi and folk singer Han Dae-soo.
However, when the title track ‘She’s So Cool’ was banned shortly after the album’s release, the band was unable to continue its activities. The project group, Mujigae Quintet, transformed into the vocal group, Mujigae Sound, after undergoing some member changes. This reissue LP also includes two singles that were released under the latter moniker immediately following this album. After the group disbanded, Lee Kyung-seok continued a prolific career in music for ads (Lotte Confectionery) and also as a gayo arranger (working with Bae In-sook, Kim Soo-hee, and Lee Hwa).

* First reissue of the one of Korean rock obscurity from 1974
* Remastered from the original master tapes
* Includes two singles released in 1975 under the name ‘Mujigae Sound’
* ‘As Autumn Ends’ to be featured in an episode of the new Netflix show <Trinkets>

'반도 밴드역사의 마지막 미스테리, 무지개퀸텟의 유일작 드디어 재발매!'

무지개퀸텟은 작곡가 이경석이 포시즌기획에서 편곡자로 활동할 당시 결성했던 프로젝트 그룹이다.
후일 사랑의 샘 멤버로도 활동한 장성환의 신들린 보컬이 인상적인 하드록 ‘멋쟁이 아가씨’를 필두로,
‘가을은 가고’와 ‘빗속의 사랑’ 등 실내악 스타일로 편곡한 수준 높은 포크 넘버들로 구성돼 있다.
클래식 음악을 전공한 동시에 록밴드 멤버이기도 했던 이경석은 자신의 음악적 소양을 이 앨범에 녹여내려 노력했다. 헤비 로큰롤과 포크, 라틴 팝과 가요 멜로디가 절묘하게 녹아든 가요사 초유의 데뷔 음반은 이렇게 탄생했다. 동시에 무지개퀸텟은 같은 포시즌기획 소속 가수 윤항기, 한대수 등의 앨범 녹음에도 참여한다. 타이틀곡인 ‘멋쟁이 아가씨’가 금지곡으로 지정되자 지속적인 활동이 불가능해진 무지개퀸텟은 멤버를 교체하며 보컬 그룹 무지개사운드로 진화한다. 이번 재발매 디지털 릴리즈에는 앨범 발매 직후 무지개사운드의 명의로 발표한 두 곡의 싱글을 추가 수록했다. 팀 해체 이후 이경석은 광고 음악가(롯데 제과), 가요 편곡자(배인숙, 김수희, 이화)로 왕성한 활동을 이어간다.


released December 27, 2018

정성환 Jung Sung-hwan: Vocals
이경석 Lee Kyung-seok: Guitar, piano vocal
김혜수 Kim Kye-soo: Keyboards, piano, vocal
이은덕 Lee Eun-deok: Keyboards, vocal
김현규 Kim Kyun-kyu: Bass, vocal
김덕성 Kim Deok-sung: Drums, vocal

1974 Production ------
Executive producer: 강찬호 Kang Chan-ho (포시즌 기획 Four Seasons Production)
Producer: 엄진 Eon Jin, 이경석 Lee Kyung-seok
All songs written and arranged by 이경석 Lee Kyung-seok except,
'당신은 몰라' composed by 김홍탁 Kim Hong-tak and lyrics by 강찬호 Kang Chan-ho
'나는 어떡하라구' composed by 윤항기 Yoon Hang-gi and lyrics by 윤복희 Yoon Bok-hee
'희망은 언제나 꿈을(Va Speranza Va)' composed by 프랑코 그라니에로 Franco Graniero and lyrics by 엄진 Eom Jin
Recorded and mixed by 최성락 Choi Sung-rak
Recorded at 서울스튜디오 Seoul Studio
Photography, calligraphy & design 엄진 Eom Jin
Originally released by 신세계 음향 Shinsegye Record Co, in 1974 as 가12458

2019 Production ------
Reissue producer: 이봉수 Lee Bong-soo
Tape & archival research: 이봉수 Lee Bong-soo
Re-mastering: 데이브 쿨리 Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, CA
Lacquer cutting: 크리스 노엘 Chris Noel at Elysian Cutting, CA
Liner notes: 송명하 Song Myoung-ha
Reissue design: 김상만 Kim Sang-man, 이신애 Lee Sin-ae
Project assistant: 허주연 Heo Joo-yean

BEATLBALL would like to thanks
김영범 Kim Young-beom, 김영훈 Kim Young-hun, 안종숙 Ahn Jong-sook, 이경석 Lee Kyung-seok, 이화 Lee Hwa, 정원용 Jung Won-yong, 최재영 Choi Jae-young, 하세가와 요오헤이 Yohei Hasegawa


all rights reserved


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